Pepper Rafferty
Cambridge TV School Web Promo from Cambridge TV School on Vimeo. Cambridge TV School So Cambridge is going to get its own TV school and if you enrol you may even meet me! If you are interested follow
Kingdom Creative
Kingdom Creative is about ambition and development. Using the blank canvas of a new company and the heritage of motorsport specialist company Circuit Pro, we can take our work to the next level,
Lewin Hall Productions
Lewin Hall Productions creates a wide range of films for a wide range of clients. Our background and experience in creative video production and broadcast television is balanced with skills in project
Grapevine Communications
Attention spans can be short on the web - as in life. Fast, useful and absorbing video can be one way to hold people long enough to let a core message seep through. When you need to engage people who
Buzz Films
Buzz Films is the collective consciousness of a vibrant pool of creatives, producing high quality content for brands, broadcasters & charities. We communicate important messages through positive
Exposure Television
Exposure TV is a UK based national production company, with extensive experience of shooting broadcast quality digital formats, capturing powerful images for hundreds of satisfied clients. We complete
Wesley Mark
We undertake business generating, attention grabbing film production, delivered on any media including mobile video, internet video and corporate DVDs for companies and organisations just like yours.
Somersault Video Productions
Somersault is an award winning video communications agency that is a trusted advisor and communications partner to businesses that want to stand out. We are driven by tackling the challenges that
Lapse Film
I don't know how much movies should entertain. To me, I'm always interested in movies that scar. The thing I love about 'Jaws' is the fact that I've never gone swimming in the ocean again. It's what
Pearldrop Productions
We're an enthusiastic band of creative professionals, who love films and filmmaking. We sit at the forefront of digital technology and marketing, but we also understand the traditional values of the