Lapse Film
I don't know how much movies should entertain. To me, I'm always interested in movies that scar. The thing I love about 'Jaws' is the fact that I've never gone swimming in the ocean again. It's what
WaveFX - Video & Event Production
We've helped a range of clients exploit the potential of video, from small local businesses to large multi-national companies. Our aim is to deliver creative videos that strike the perfect balance
EventStreaming. TV
Filming and streaming events is what we do every day and we feel confident we can help you connect with your audience. We've streamed from the top of Ben Nevis, the outback of Australia and even a cow
Somersault Video Productions
Somersault is an award winning video communications agency that is a trusted advisor and communications partner to businesses that want to stand out. We are driven by tackling the challenges that
APS Productions -
I was trained to shoot by a BBC camera operator and studied the art of video editing at the London Metropolitan Film School at Ealing Studios. I am currently employed by Media Studio based Cambridge
ID8 Media
Id8 was formed in 2000 by David Read, and with 20 years experience in the video and creative industry, it's no wonder that id8 has gone from strength to strength - Specialists in filming, video
We pride ourselves on our strong video portfolio, ranging from the production of hundreds of video assets for education and training purpose to promotional and corporate videos for organisations and
Pepper Rafferty
Cambridge TV School Web Promo from Cambridge TV School on Vimeo. Cambridge TV School So Cambridge is going to get its own TV school and if you enrol you may even meet me! If you are interested follow
Moving Memory
We are pleased to announce a significant capital investment in the new Sony FS7K camera system for 2015. The new Sony FS7K camera is a high-end broadcast standard camera for video professionals. I
Posh Gecko
The Posh Gecko team is made up of experienced directors, producers, motion graphics artists and animators. Having a team of multi-talented individuals means that fresh ideas are never at a shortage
Brother Bear Films
Narrative focused music videos that challange viewers with compelling, hard hitting and emotional stories. Experimental music videos which intrigue audience to dig deeper, explore the cyrptic puzzle.
The Mobile Studio
We're a small company, based around a pretty impressive bit of kit, otherwise known as our Mobile Studio. We're a brother-sister duo who've worked in communications for the past 12 years. We're young
Grapevine Communications
Attention spans can be short on the web - as in life. Fast, useful and absorbing video can be one way to hold people long enough to let a core message seep through. When you need to engage people who
Cambridge Film & Tv Productions
CFTP can help you communicate in a direct and engaging way through the power of the moving image. We believe in harnessing the opportunities of the internet, communicating across boundaries without
Cambridge FilmWorks
About us: Cambridge Filmworks are much much more than a video production company, we are a creative and innovative video and digital agency with a wealth of experience in creating high impact, cutting
Catalyst Design Partnership
Our small team has been working in this industry for a good many years - listening, suggesting and designing what your company needs. You can trust us to understand what you want to achieve and we
Ark Creative Design & Marketing
Introducing the Ark Creative Team. From a young age they all realised that three major attributes hold the key to success. Ambition, imagination and determination are required in equal amounts to
NorthLight Media
NorthLight Media was set up in 2009 by Martyn Moore (left), an award-winning writer and photographer. After a 30-year career in photography, film-making and journalism, Martyn decided to start his own
Business Photography & Videography
We treat every client individually, crafting an approach that will suit their specific needs and goals. We focus on attention to detail and smooth large contract management. We do whatever it takes to
Mugshot Media
Mugshot Media delivers experienced, friendly, creative video production based at it’s studio in Cambridge. Working with a diverse client list, (including agencies) we produce award-winning film,