About the Business

Award-winning Director Andrew Maclean has brought his time in advertising and branding to bear in this shining example of how to make a film.

His teams have decades of experience bringing the best of film and video to every industry in the UK and beyond.

The old adage states that you shouldn't ask for a hammer when you want a shelf. Don't ask for a shelf when all you want is a place to store your books. We ask WHY you want to store the book. Maybe you really need a box, or a kindle, or a display case!

At First Last Film we ask what you NEED from your film and build you a film to fulfil that need.

Kindle, not a hammer.

We will be the film production company you need from your First Film to your Last Film.

Location & Hours

Little Manor, Blacksmiths Road

Woodbridge, IP13 6JA
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