Ford Film Production

BBC-trained and with more than 20 years' broadcast production experience at the highest professional level, I also offer a full range of video editing services to help you get the best out of your content archive. Get in touch to discuss how video content can add value to your market presence and bring you closer to your customers. This Video Production company is based in Suffolk. Creative Video Production by Julian Ford a freelance Cameraman, Director, Editor and Film Maker who now lives in East Anglia.

During my time at the BBC, I worked in Music Entertainment, Music and Arts, Youth and Entertainment, Entertainment and Drama departments. Amongst the many varied projects I have worked on, was going to a desert island with Joanna Lumley, going to the Arctic with Billy Connolly, going on tour with The Beautiful South as they made an LP. and going down to Glastonbury with Billy Bragg and Boris Johnson.