Videoserve Weddings

Words cannot describe the emotions I'm feeling having seen this video clip. Stunning is the only way I can describe this video of mine and Don's day, especially as my photographer messed up all my pictures of our special day, so Malcolm has let me have a sneak preview, thank you so much! My children, my friends and family, I hope you enjoy this as much as I have, seeing as without the video I wouldn't have had anything to remind me of my day. Thank you Malcolm very much, really appreciated.

Many times, as I attend Wedding Fayres in my capacity as a Wedding video company, I hear people as they walk by my stand saying we don't need a video, or we have someone who can film it for free, or as a wedding gift. The average cost of a wedding these days seems to be around 7-10 thousand pounds, but the next morning when the couple wake up, what do they have for their money? The dress, cars, reception are all gone, expensive fleeting moments that cannot be recaptured no matter how good ones memory is.