About the Business

WE’VE BEEN AROUND SINCE 2003. WE REALISE CLIENTS COME IN ALL DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES. But we have a strong in-house team backed up by a network of a remarkable, loyal, eclectic mix of great creative talent and strategists.

We find out what’s required through research and working with you create our own brief. It might be a video, radio ad, brand refresh or product design. Who knows? Until we get to know you.

Business Services

Event Filming

Event Filming has never been more popular if only because it’s a great way of producing content for your own sales team to use whether it’s clients saying fab things about you or thought leadership from invited guests.


One area of our industry that has changed beyond recognition is animation. It’s now affordable even on a low budget scale. Explainer video’s are predominantly produced via the animation process and industries such as IT benefit from this was of production because it’s a difficult industry to film.

Location & Hours

Somerset House, Strand, West Goods Entrance

Blackfriars, WC2R 1LA
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