United Magic Studios

We are passionate about creating exciting innovative film, do you have an inspiring idea or concept that you are just bursting to tell? Please tell us! Or perhaps you'd like to look at our back portfolio? Go ahead and delve! We are always open to ideas and welcome interesting potential projects, so feel free to contact us! Starting a video project is very simple with us, first we want to know what story you want to tell and who your audience is. Then we can get started on planning the project, this could involve script writing, storyboarding, location scouting and even casting depending on your specific needs.

It's time to film! Now it's time to take all those wonderful shots and cut them together into an exciting video! Firstly, we put together what's known as a "first cut" for you to watch. This way you can make sure the direction of the video is working and you can make any notes to give us that might need changing.