Talisman Films Scotland

Talisman Films Scotland, based in Dunfermline was formed in 1982 by three friends, Gordon and Marianne Ellis and Bill Gourlay, mainly to make different films from the usual run of the mill type of films being made in the various cine clubs at that time.

This was an extremely interesting film to make as we were allowed virtually full access to all parts of the bridge including top of the towers and underneath the bridge platforms. The film was narrated by Sir Menzies Campbell and featured interviews with various people who either worked on the building of the bridge or the famous ferries until they were withdrawn in 1964.

In 2005, our next production The Final Countdown was about the world famous Glasgow Apollo which closed in 1985 after a chequered history. The Greens Playhouse as it was know originally starting as a cinema and ballroom. It was renamed the Apollo in 1973 and became internationally famous as a rock venue. Virtually every well known artiste or group played there.