Eye For Business

Eye has been around for nearly 40 years, producing everything from films to TV documentaries and ads, to corporate videos. We are based in Norwich, but work UK and world-wide. Our ethos is to use all of this experience to produce high quality videos for our clients, no matter what their shape, size and need. We like the fact we work with a variety of people and organisations from global corporations, to SMES, charities, and public bodies. And this is possible because things are changing fast.

Where corporate video production used to be costly, exclusive and for a limited audience, new technology now means that corporate video production is cheaper, more accessible and can also reach an audience of millions. Plus, video is fast becoming one of the most effective online marketing tools, and an integral part to many marketing campaigns. Or perhaps you want to learn how to make your own videos for your business. Maybe you even have your own unique idea or need.