DKJ Wedding Videos

What you see to the left pretty much sums me up. I'm a simple creature with simple pleasures. I have a beautiful wife and two amazing sons. We have a little home with little animals and its here we make most of our little memories. I'm not a mans man, I cant drink beer, I rarely eat beef and I shouldn't play sports. Im most content with a cup of tea and a box Cadbury's Fingers.

A talent because I've made a career out of something I love to do, a curse because I can never just sit and watch a film without studying the composition and appreciating the craft involved (much to my wife's annoyance).

Its an absolute pleasure telling all of these wonderful stories and I learn something new with every film I make. Being a middle child i'm a people pleaser and its as important for me to leave a lasting, positive impression of our time together as it is for me to leave you with a keepsake you'll treasure forever.