B2b Productions

I arrived on the 21st March 1972, (I will let you do the maths as I stopped counting at 30.) The day after I left school I started work on a YTS scheme as an Office Junior going on to become a qualified IT engineer. My first involvement with wedding film was my Sisters wedding at Gretna Green in 2003. I really enjoyed telling the story and remember getting this huge kick out of having the ability to make my family laugh and cry with what I had produced. In 2004 I maxed out my credit card, bought a camera and posted an offer on hitched.co.uk to film 3 weddings for free to get enough footage for a showreel I could show potential customers. Whilst on the forum I noticed how the women called themselves b2b's (bride to be's) and that is how b2b Productions got it's name.

9 years and around 350 weddings later this is now my full time job and I see myself as being very lucky to be paid for doing something I really enjoy.