Unrivalled Videos

Unrivalled Videos is a brand new company dedicated to producing high quality videos for clients throughout the UK and we will constantly upgrade and expand our equipment in order to progress to new levels of creativity and standing while maintaining a competitive price. Hi, my name is Lewis. I am the owner of Unrivalled Videos and from Kilmarnock. I formed this website and company after having realised my potential as a naturally skilled videographer and creative editor of wedding videos I shot over the past year. The feedback I received gave me the drive to develop my previously hidden talent in this area. In this time I have improved my abilities immensely. I used to shoot in a Canon DSLR but I knew my capability with it would be limited. I carefully researched a professional camcorder and after much thought and comparison, opted for a Canon XF100. Since then I've never looked back and I continue to upgrade my video equipment to provide the best possible results.